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This Ain't No Disco

Madness were a singles band first and foremost and provided some great moments in a few short years. They may have liked to be referred to as the 'Nutty Boys' but they could be serious too. "Embarrassment" is a song about inter racial relationships years ahead of it's time and "Grey Day" as sad an indictment of thuggery in Britain as anything The Jam or The Clash could offer.

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Prince's wild years girlfriend died this year - and she was 57 too

Raunchy: Vanity's act in the 1980s saw her take to the stage as the frontwoman for a group...


The 1940s was a time that racial inequality was soaring and interracial marriages we're extremely rare and I accepted on both ends of the spectrum. Black society didn't accept it because they felt like they were automatically the enemy and wrong done bye, as they typically we're. And white society didn't accept it because they felt that black people should be treated like less than humans, and based their opinions on someone's character off of stereotypes. Neither sides accepted the cultural…


Teenage girl pressured by German police 'NOT to file sexual assault report on refugee'

Police continue to cover up crimes by migrants in Germany. It can only be a recipe for success. What fantastic inter-racial inter-cultural harmony there is going to be.

Asian & Black Couples — A photo of a Japanese man marrying a Black...

Sammy Davis Jr., and Swedish actress May Britt on their 1960 wedding day. Blazing the trail for inter-racial marriage. It took guts back then. Reminds me of my Uncle Tony and Aunt Joyce. They also married in the 60's. They must have had some tough moments from ignorant, bigoted people.


Massive List of Adoption Stories for Children!


Fear II: Falling in Love with an Alpha Billionaire by Ama...

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