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12 Things You Never Knew About Emma Watson

Emma Watson- intelligent and a great achiever. Went on to get amazing grades even while in the middle of filming and having an acting career. Also a great example of what it means to be a feminist.


Madame Pompadour: The most famous of all French royal mistresses and a remarkable, intelligent woman; her premature death had a profound effect on her lover, King Louis XV


Rhiannon, Welsh Horse Goddess Her name, Rhiannon, derives from a Proto-Celtic root which means "great queen," and by taking a man as her spouse, she grants him sovereignty as king of the land. In addition, Rhiannon possesses a set of magical birds, who can soothe the living into a deep slumber, or wake the dead from their eternal sleep. Primarily, though, Rhiannon is associated with the horse, which appears prominently in much of Welsh and Irish mythology.