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History of A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (Infographic)

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Acceptance of mistakes as natural is a key to developing intelligence and thriving. Carol Dweck, Growth Mindset

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~Families of Writing Systems~ Another way to classify writing systems is by "family". This classification can get a bit fuzzy. "Family" can denote a group of writing systems that either have evolved from a common ancestor or have similar "style" or appearance. An example of this latter definition would be Old Persian, which looks like cuneiform but isn't directly descended from Summerian or Akkadian.

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It's my experience that people who claim to have class usually only do so while they act classless towards other people.

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Being brave does not mean you are not scared. Being brave means you are scared, really scared, badly scared and you do the right thing anyway - Neil Gaiman, Coraline

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Ravenclaws - yes people tend to forget about the creative Ravenclaws the ones that want to attend an art or music or dance school

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It's even better that supernatural is a ginger woman. There have been so many ginger characters.


You go girl! Want more inspiration? Check out other great stories from girls and women worldwide. #Malala #Girls #Women

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Come learn how Multisensory Teaching Accommodates the 12 Ways of Learning!

Multisensory Teaching Accommodates the 12 Ways of Learning

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