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Smart Fabric Conducts Electricity At National Physical Laboratory in Middlesex, UK, a group of researchers is using nano silver to develop conductive textiles into which electronics can be integrated-- creating “smart” material for apparel, medicine, recreation and security. How could you use "smart", high-performing textiles in the built environment? (NVBUILT, 21Aug13)


Smart Skin Is Here – Transhumanism Made Easy | “The invention is a huge step in the quest to develop electronics that seamlessly integrate with the human body and the environment.” by Zen Gardner


Sculpture and 3D Design Sketchbooks – 20 Creative examples


Woodhouse Supplies designed an integrated signage system for the Cabot Circle shopping centre in Bristol, UK. Click image for details and visit the Slow Ottawa Wayfinding board for more great urban signage.


To build emotional connections we need an integrated approach to our personal development. We need to process our suppressed emotions, with observational awareness in a physically and emotionally supportive environment.