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I built this most awesome insulated and "heated" cathouse ... like a dog house, but for a cat! I looked high and low for cat house shelter plans and found very little that appealed to me, so I made my own! Even my amateur woodworking skills couldn't stop me on this build.


for feral, or barn cats in the winter. 12687_440770545983758_1534969072_n.jpg…


Cat House

Heated Cat House made from a cooler. If any of you house ferals, this would be amazing.

outside house for 3 cats | made to any length, shape or size, your indoor cat can get outside ...


How to care for outdoor cats and barn cats (set-ups and supplies) | Shelter Me, Inc

from the Guardian

What is the best way to draught-proof stripped wooden floors?

Insulating and draughtproofing floorboards with Stop-gap. Photograph: Caramel Quin