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This is the biggest alien documentary in the history of extraterrestrial research, and contains the most military and high intelligence testimony.

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The power dynamic matters! -------- ugh, same thing with "the only sexism/racism/etc is the one spread by women/poc/etc talking about the problem!" like, i have a trophy for you. its made of gold and has the words "critical research failure" on the sides

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This EU pilot project for ecological construction incorporates progressive ideas from both the client and user groups, creating a multi-layered framework that is capable of responding to the multitude of demands in such a research establishment. The design’s deliberate aesthetic imperfection is an appeal to an unmediated, primarily sensory experience of architecture.

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Institute for Creation Research "Evolution vs. Darwin" . . ."variations is limited within kinds." N. Jeanson Ph.D.

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Types of Branded Content: A Guide to 11 Popular Formats [Infographic]

7 Tips to Attract the Right Social Media Followers

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The Institute for Creation Research 'Living Gears' Might Have Evolutionists Hopping Mad by Brian Thomas, M.S.

* Mr. Thomas is Science Writer at the Institute for Creation Research. Cite this article: Brian Thomas, M.S. 2014. Do Sand-Dune Sandstones Disprove Noah's Flood?. Acts & Facts. 43 (9).

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Institute for Creation Research's Shared Image - CoSchedule