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Microsoft Edge - How to install Adblock Plus Extension

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Why the advertising industry needs to embrace AdBlock

The advertising industry is wringing its hands and shaking its fist at the use and growth of ad-block technology, but I am not above temptation. I installed..

Pop-up ads are the most intrusive kind of adverts. Downloading heavy web-pages takes enough data: you don't need the additional cost of paying to load up an ad man's marketing message. Sometimes it is a bit disturbing while browsing with a small screen of your phone. SUBSCRIBE Now: Fortunately for Android users there is no reason to suffer from pop-ups on your mobile. And here we suggest three straightforward ways to stop pop-ups…

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20 creative guerilla marketing campaigns

This ad uses humour to connect to the public. It's for super glue and by placing a large sculpture of the glue on a bridge, makes the bridge look like a tiny model. It suggests that this bridge has been held together with this glue so it is very strong. It reminds me of an Airfix model that I made with my dad when I was young.


How to install Kali Nethunter (One Plus 2) - YouTube

Adblock Plus: Now Serving You More Ads! - The Know Tech News

How To Block Annoying Ads On Your Android Phone

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Adblock Plus launches its very own ad network

Adblock Plus launches its very own ad network The immensely popular (and sometimes controversial) Adblock Plus browser extension is taking the next step in its crusade to clean up online advertising even if that effort comes at a cost to users and publishers. On Tuesday Adblock Plus announced it is joining the ranks of those online advertisers and launching its own ad network called the Acceptable Ads Platform. While it doesnt really jibe with the companys original goal of blocking ads entirely the new platform claims it will allow bloggers and publishers to quickly and easily select pre-whitelisted ads that they can drag and drop onto their sites. The ads must meet ABPs own Acceptable Ads criteria for size and labeling but once theyre placed on a publishers site the ads will be visible to ABPs millions of users. According to the Wall Street Journal about a quarter of US internet users have an ad blocker installed on their desktop browsers. The Acceptable Ads Platform helps publishers who want to show an alternative nonintrusive ad experience to users with ad blockers by providing them with a tool that lets them implement Acceptable Ads themselves Till Faida co-founder of Adblock Plus said in a release. On the users end Adblock Plus will still block ads that are not served by the new platform and users can turn off even the acceptable ads if they so choose. Those users who arent running ABP will of course always get the sites original ads. While the system is an overall win for anyone who dislikes obtrusive annoying or obnoxious ads the Journal also notes that Adblock Plus already whitelists ads from Google Microsoft Corp. and Taboola. For now the platform is in open beta for publishers and advertisers. A full launch will follow in the fall. Source: Adblock Plus BusinessWire - Repost from: engadget Post - you can download ImmedTech app for android from link :

Microsoft has been keen to consigne Internet Explorer to the history books, but for a long time there has been a glaring issue with its successor, Microsoft Edge: a lack of extensions. With the rel…