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10 Inspiring Quotes about Animals

Inspiring Quotes about Animals. Visit Canine Support Teams to see how our service dogs restore hope to people's lives.

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Animals are not here for us, but are here WITH us. Come and check out us on

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People often tend to forget that other animals were here long before us humans. They are not here for us, we are here with them

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This is a really powerful saying. I've thought about this before - if we made all meat eaters kill their own food, I wonder how many vegans we would then have.

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8 Amazing Quotes That Might Just Convert You To Vegetarianism

From your health to your wallet, the planet to your pets, there are plenty of reasons to renounce meat in favour of a vegetarian lifestyle. We've pull...

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Cute animal pictures: 100 of the cutest animals! Description from I searched for this on

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