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Text about identity- interests, emotions, facts about them such as name physical features etc, could copy some genetic code out for a human

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Elastics was fun

Spent so much of my childhood entangled ''Jingle Jangle inside out jingle jangle inside on''

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The Importance of Company Culture from the Inside Out - Mack Web

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Even if I see a shirt of a band I don't listen to, I'll subconsciously grin inside and out just because there is someone out there wearing one. Heh.

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The Kooks are a British rock band formed in Brighton, East Sussex, in 2004

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I probably should've stayed inside my house

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I don't know which board to pin this to. Fall Out Boy or Dan and Phil? Both.

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Instagram Analytics

That's really true. I, however, am lucky enough to say that I don't identify with that lyric.

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