INFP Careers. Perfect. Most of these I want to pursue. :) finding out my personality type makes everything in my live 4 gazillion times more understandable

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Yess, ugh. I think anger is hard for a lot of INFPs because the body intuitively knows that sadness is the deeper feeling behind anger

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INFP // describing words {Every test I've taken over the years said I was INFJ. Took one that broke things down into percentages and it said I am more INFP, followed by INFJ (and then ENFJ and a few others). Hadn't read anything on INFP's before.}

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Except I don't mind *constructive* criticism and I do not shy from confrontation!

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Ok, I don't have the 'but me' part, but I love that 'rebellion ideas' has its own designated area! Lol!! True.

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This section INFP Personality gives a basic overview of the personality type, INFP. For more information about the INFP type, refer to the links below or on the sidebar.

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