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yes dumb but the logic is undeniable cause there's no bubbles to cover her chest so the towel is a perfectly good choice for this.

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Lingerie Test Kitchen: 5 Infomercial Products Reviewed

What's cooking good looking| Pinup Girl features pinup models and pin up photographers.

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Best thing ever. Captain America totally goes with American Eagle! But I'm not sure about Thor and covergirl...

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So you've decided you want to start selling your craft. Whether it's a knit hat or upcycled jewelry, determining the price of your product can be a dauntin

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Ridiculously true! I've spent so much money on various craft products, it isn't even funny.. They all just sit looking pretty in my jumbled craft area.

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infomercial products are actually for disabled people

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So you say your husband is acting like an ass? Give him the gift that keeps on giving (a spastic colon) - Ex Lax! He might still be a jerk, but he'll be too busy losing his last three meals, screaming and scraping his feet across the bathroom floor for him to bother you.

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As Seen On TV | As Seen On TV Products | | Infomercial Products

Here's One Thing To Clean In Each Room Of Your Home This Week

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The true target of infomercial products fun funny funny pics

7 Things You Should Know About As Seen on TV & Infomercial Products Before Buying