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Like adults, infants additionally are inclined to undergo from acid reflux disorder, which causes them to spit up. Sadly, it may be relatively frequent.

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7 Tips for Dealing with Infant Acid Reflux and Our Experience with Reflux and Colic

Sharing our experience with colic and infant acid reflux and 7 tips for dealing with it and products that helped my baby.


A Diet for Breastfeeding Moms of Babies with Acid Reflux


This dog is a hero! "Baby Benjamin has some bad acid reflux and spits up often. Mom put him in his swing to nap while she went to feed his big brother lunch. Ben was just out of sight when our Boston Terrier-border collie mix started whining and barking to get Mom's attention - Baby Ben was choking in his sleep."


Infants with acid reflux or GERD often have trouble sleeping. And sleep training babies with reflux is tough! We share tips to help your infant with reflux sleep.