Look for more inexpensive laptops, smarter takes on convertibles, and a chance for small desktops to conquer the living room. Read this post by Dan Ackerman on CES 2014: Computers and Hardware. via @CNET

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Xiaomi's inexpensive laptop is like a Macbook Air with gaming hardware inside.

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Beware inexpensive laptops running Android... while touchscreens are all the rage for tablets, simply adding them to laptops doesn't make for a great product.

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DIY inexpensive laptop tray for your car. It fits in the cup holder! AMAZINGLY CLEVER! Great for you passanger for long car trips.

“InFocus has unveiled the Kangaroo Notebook, an inexpensive laptop computer with an interesting concept: interchangeable mini-PC modules. Each is a completely self-contained Windows 10 PC, so you can dedicate one to important business functions, and another to family games, movies and apps.” -Steve Dent, Engadget

Inexpensive laptop stand / Notebook to Desktop convertor

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