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Industrial Watering And Irrigation

As water shortages and water security start to mean more and more in this new world weather reality we're living through... You've got to imagine water towers are going to mean more and more. Helmut Erdle, Water tower, Backnang, Germany, 1961

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Runnels — the technical term for narrow channels used to move water from one place to another — were once used for irrigation purposes and as rudimentary drainage systems, but they make intriguing landscape elements on their own. Click on pin for Pinterest tips for the housing industry.


Really nice integrated aquaponic setup, all built into the landscape. Duckweed tank in the foreground, all the plants in view are growing in water.

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During the 1960s the Soviets decided to divert two rivers feeding the Aral Sea to irrigate the desert for cotton production. The result was a heavily contaminated basin littered with the rusting hulks of former fishing boats, a practically dead ecosystem and a decimated fishing industry. The amount of water lost is said to be equivalent to the complete draining of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

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The World Cities Are Running Out of Fresh Water [AND Sinking] Groundwater from aquifers is a main source for drinking, irrigation and industrial use for much of the world’s population. Globally, an…

Water works, Margaret Street, Liverpool- A remarkable spectacle, looming over the surrounding houses. Pevsner describes it as "one of the most impressive monuments of C19 Liverpool". The 85-foot tower dates from 1857, a covered reservoir having preceded it by three years (now gone).

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The Green Building | Louisville, KY | FER Studio | THE GREEN BUILDING is the first commercial building in Louisville to pursue an anticipated LEED Platinum certification. Three massive rain barrels alongside the exterior wall capture any overflow from the green roof above. These pour into an underground culvert which then takes any excess run-off into a rain garden. Excess run-off is also used to irrigate the green roof and a vertical garden, which is used to grow herbs + food for the cafe.


#GardenHoseFittings #HoseAccessories Garden Hose Fittings offered features hard wearing construction finish which makes them deliver lasting service life. Further, these fittings provide for water tight connection and finds application in areas like irrigation systems, pressure cleaners and others. Further, the precision constructed finish of these fittings also makes these perfect for use as industrial and general purpose fittings.


The Living Machine Sewage System....the world needs more of these! - - - maybe SOMEDAY when we are ready to go blackwater for our cob home