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Industrial Dog Toys

from Etsy

JunkYard Dog: Mexana Powder (JYD-036)

JunkYard Dog: Mexana Powder (JYD-036). $73.00, via Etsy.

from BarkPost

6 Ways To Make Your Dog Think Their Boring Old Toy Is New Again

Scientific American recently shared that dogs’ relationships with toys can be defined by how new they believe the toy to be. The phenomena is called neophilia, or, the love of the new.


DOG TREATS VS POISON -- Dogs will generally eat anything tastier than a sofa, so it’s no surprise that dog treats are a big industry, and the fact that you love your pet obviously means you want to give them your meal leftovers, or unwanted sandwiches, but are all the things we’re happy to feed our dogs good for them? Our Treat VS Poison infographic shows you which common snacks may be harming your dog, and highlights a few healthy options you may not have considered before.

from The Shabby Creek Cottage

DIY industrial style laundry hamper

DIY industrial style laundry hamper tutorial Put a laundry bag inside and voila