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Industrial Development

Infographic from NFTS/BFI MOOC on FutureLearn - job roles in the film industry; pre-production- the process of preparing all the elements involved in the film; production- the raw footage for the film is recorded during the film shoot; post-production- the images, sound and visual effects of the film are edited.

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Our best shot at cooling the planet might be right under our feet

Due to a lack of water armers abandoned their village in Iran; the soil is cracked and the water reserves dry due to years of overuse.


Servitization, IT-ization and Innovation Models :: <P>This book looks at two-stage industrial cluster theory and new innovation models in view of IT-ization and servitization of products. The formation of industrial clusters such as export processing zones and special economic zones has been the preferred mechanism for developing countries to boost their industrial development and export performance for the last several decades. Existing literature related to Development Economics ...

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Westminster rachel raheja

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design; collection development; creative process; fashion portfolio // Rachel Raheja


An exhibition of work developed from a six day workshop held in São Paulo, Brazil organised by Mesa & Cadeira. Kemistry Gallery, London (2012).


African Industrial Development and European Union Co-operation :: <P>Of the 54African states, only South Africa is categorised by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) amongst industrialised countries. The economic activities in Africa are still dominated by the production and trade of agricultural and mineral commodities. This situation is in spite of the longstanding Africa--European Union (EU) co-operation, which intends, among other things, to support A...

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Embroidery detail from muslin gown, ca. 1800, in the Victoria and Albert Museum.


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