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from The Extinction Protocol

History’s lost lesson: Ancient nuclear war among Indus Valley civilizations reexamined


The Swastika Its use in India dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization city of Harappa, and came to represent Vishnu in Hinduism.[4][1] In Chinese Taoism, the swastika is a symbol of eternity. For Tibetan Buddhism, it is emblematic of the element of Earth.[4] It is a common practice for Hindus to draw Swastika symbols on the doors and entrances to their houses during festivals, which is believed to symbolize an invitation to goddess Lakshmi.


5000 years ago an impressive culture flourished in the Indus Valley region, which today encompasses parts of India and Pakistan. The civilization that lived there came to be called: Dravidian, or the Indus Valley Civilization or Harappiana.