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This Family Traded Mattresses for Monkey Bars

Would you consider this "unconventional home" set-up from Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement?

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Indoor basketball Court... With the office overlooking it. Personally, there would also be a racquetball court 0n the other side of the windows there.

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58 Awesome Ideas For Your Home Gym. It's Time For Workout

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St. Petersburg, FL

The indoor pool of your dreams! Looking for your dream home? Agape Luxury at your service!

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The wealthy don’t like to sweat it out at the gym in front of everyone. Who can blame them when they can afford their own private fitness facilities in their very own homes? The zenith of home gyms would obviously include plenty of space for weights and equipment, but would also include built-in wireless speakers, televisions, and of course, a sauna and indoor pool for post-workout relaxation.

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Some people want fancy cars...I want to be able to lift without having to drive for half an hour.

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