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15 Modern Staircases with Spectacular Lighting

This lighting installation makes a boring staircase in a corridor look interesting besides adding a soft ambient lighting effect. A cost effective application for a great look

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How to Calculate the Price of Your Products

Learn how to calculate the price of your products with this handy guide. The post breaks down different areas of costs including materials, labor and indirect.


Interior view of the Baracuda yacht (Perini Navi) by John Pawson _


New record high cost of data breach in healthcare: $402 per compromised record. 66% is accounted for indirect cost while 34% for the direct costs. #healthcare continued to spend more on indirect costs than direct costs. Having an incidence response team in the organization decrease the average cost of data breach by 12%. "The more records lost, the higher the cost of data breach." #cybersecurity #databreaches #healthrecords #ITSecurity #HealthIT #EHR

Smart Business Tip #27: Don't be penny-wise and pound-foolish. There are more costs than just financial. Determine the hidden or indirect costs in going with the cheaper option.

There are many costs involved in manufacturing production process or project. Manufacturing is a complex task, and there are direct and indirect costs that goes to every project.


Indirect Cost and Recovery Rate

Revenue growth must be positive for a company to survive in the long term, and placing the right price on your products and services is essential to profitable growth. The right price is a price that ...