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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak GMT Tourbillon Concept Hand-wound tourbillon watch with GMT function and selection indicator. Titanium case, openworked dial, black strap.


MBTI Cognitive Functions: Ne & Ni

All 16 MBTI types and their functions. It's not about the 4 letters in your type, it's about the order of the functions in your type. INTJ does *not* mean "introverted intuitive thinker and judger."


LLOYTRON J2006BK Daybreak Alarm Clock Radio AM/FM wavebands Time format: 24 hours 0.6 red LED display Snooze and sleep functions Wake to alarm or radio LED Alarm indicator Radio tuning display Mains operation wit (Barcode EAN = 5052337010103)

ROBERTS Sports925 3-Band Portable Analogue Radio - Black, Black Price: £ 14.99 The Roberts Sports925 3-Band Portable Analogue Radio is a compact handheld radio, perfect for enjoying any sporting event. With FM/MW and LW tuning with a functional dial tuning system and LED tuning indicator, the Roberts Sports925 will keep you up to date with all the latest scores whilst you are out and about....


Dramatic pictures show lightning bolts inside volcanic ash eruption

Lightning strikes inside the enormous ash cloud thrown into the air by the Colima volcano ...