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I live in New Jersey and I'm now sad because it seems like Tyler will never come here (they do have a concert in Newark, though)


In this episode of the Dollars and Sense Show host Carol Topp discusses tax breaks for homeschoolers. [display_podcast] Show Notes: There is no federal tax credit or deduction for homeschool expenses Some states do allow a deduction, usually on state income tax. Proposed in Ohio: Property tax deduction for homeschool expenses Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, […]

Build a $1000 Emergency Fund in (less than) a year!


want! it looks like the bag from Catch and Release. I LOVED that bag!Lifetime Leather Messenger/Duluth Trading


How to file a Sales Tax Return in Indiana

Trump allies fight election recount 'mayhem' across Rust Belt

Michigan attorney general sues as campaign groups fight Wisconsin recount and Trump attorneys say Pennsylvania electors won’t be able to meet voting deadline