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My name is Tempest Mezzaluna. I'm 112 (#immortal). I love cats, swimming, and singing. I'm sarcastic and short tempered at first but one you get to know me I'm still sarcastic, but I'm a bit nicer. Oh yeah, I'm a siren. I only change once a month, on the crescent moon (weird, right?)


Judy McGrath's Astronauts Wanted has teamed with digital studio Canvas for drama series Socio.

(India Eisley) Hi, I'm Olivia Foreman (also Masquerade), 16, and too young for this shit. I got pulled into because I was experimented on by HYDRA. My mother used to work for HYDRA but something went wrong, they killed her, stole me, and now I'm a freak. Yes, I am very blunt. My "powers" include shape shifting and teleportation. I was rescued by the Avengers and moved to Queens where I met my best friend, Peter Parker. Introduce yourself, i guess?