In the shadows

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Timur Simakov in “The Shadow Line” Photographed by Johanna Nyholm and Styled by Atip W for Off Black Magazine (Thanks for 13chocolates)

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cos spring & summer 2016 magazine | presence. | I @siangabari I really like how fluid the shapes in this picture are. It's almost dream like

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"It shattered so easily, I couldn't imagine that I had done something wrong. Sirens blared in my ears, drowning Reya's voice."

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by *Azram I like this place inside myself where no-one can touch me. My self can be peaceful, miserable, the pain is comforting, yes. I'm here with my self again, we are not alone while we have each other. Soon, I won't be needed here and I shall fly again.

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the wit and the will #inspiration #mood || Instagram @thewitandthewill ||

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Paul Strand | Working in the shadow of Stiegliez's teaching for years. One day he went to Stieglitz his boss and showed him a bunch of prints that were unlike anything shown before. "Straight Photography". Simple, pared down, incisive in its narrative, this new perspective took photography into the Modern Era. It became THE aesthetic of the 1920s.

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I love snakeskin and neon together! I think the texture of snake skin is sexy and the neon adds a bit of fun! Marc Jacobs did a line with snakeskin and neon, but I think it could have been done better. Snakeskin is sleek and classy and I think it would be awesome on a bag!

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My inspiration for this collection derived from the archetypes of Carl Jung. In particular: the shadow, the persona and the self. Real pressed flowers are encapsulated in contrasting pleated plastic with the same flowers printed and embroidered onto silks. Each garment forms part of a narrative that represents the human evolution of consciousness that altogether create a glamorous, modern yet functional collection.

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"And then we begin to act and behave in ways, consciously or unconsciously, that will leave others with the thoughts, feelings, and impressions we believe will bring us their love, respect, or pity - until that one day when the walls come crumbling down." - Debbie Ford, The Shadow Effect

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