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In The Flesh

In the Flesh. BBC seriously has some of the best stuff on TV


This boy is Alec in the flesh.


No matter how much we admire the beauty of the face ... we're all going to end up the same

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Photographic proof that women just cannot get a break, even on the beach

what both these image shows that women continue to be treated as an object, something that needs to be controlled. Funny how the woman on the right must cover a certain amount of flesh to not make men feel uncomfortable by exposing their sexualised body. In order to avoid that a man must make her feel uncomfortable and he is really close to her sexalised body but he is not uncomfortable, more like thriving on his control over her.


Wistmans Wood in the ancient high-level woodlands of Dartmoor in Devon, south west England


Hygrocybe punicea, sometimes called Crimson or Scarlet Waxy Cap, is a colourful member of the genus Hygrocybe, the waxcaps, found across Northern Europe. It's the largest member of the genus, w an initially bell-shaped, and later flattening. The spore print is white. The ringless stipe is up 5–9 cm high and 2 cm wide, red w a paler yellow or whitish base. The flesh is whitish. It has a wide distribution in grasslands across Laos, and in woodland in North America.

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Jenny Saville: Flesh

First saw this work at Jenny Grad show at GSA in 1992

from BuzzFeed Community

Community Post: 30 Contemporary Painters You Should Know

Jenny Saville & Glen Luchford - Closed Contact Having observed the operations of reconstructive & aesthetic surgery, Saville was eager to express the violence & anesthetized pain of this experience in her own work. Luchford & Saville began an artistic collaboration that captures the full range of color, tonality & topography of live flesh, in large photographic tableaux. Distortions confront & coerce the viewer into an examination of one's own body & the grotesqueries & beauties inherent…