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destroyer Yūnagi after the battle of savo island (august 9 1942)

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cruiser Chōkai firing his 120 and 203mm guns against allied ships during the indian ocean raid, minutes later he sank the American freighter Bienville, and later on, the British steamship Ganges


“Operation Road’s End, 1946. Japanese submarines I-156 and Ha-203 are prepared for scuttling, off Sasebo, Japan, 1 April 1946. U.S. Navy ships and other Japanese ships are in the background.”


16 in Japanese Nagato class battleship Mutsu, destroyed in an accidental magazine explosion in June 1943 - or possibly sabotaged by a disaffected crew member.


IJN Yamato - Corazzata - Caratteristiche generali Dislocamento a vuoto: 65.027 t (di cui 21.266 t di corazzatura) a pieno carico (stima): 72.810 Lunghezza 263 m Larghezza 38,9 m Pescaggio 11 m Propulsione 12 caldaie a vapore surriscaldato Kanpon, 4 turboriduttori Kanpon, 150,000 CV (110 MW) Velocità 27 nodi (51 km/h) Autonomia 8.000 mn a 18 nodi (14.800 km a 33 km/h) Equipaggio 2.750 uomini