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Indicative Mood, Imperative Mood and Subjunctive Mood

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#Imperative mood In English, each sentence has a mood, that is expressed through the verb. Verb moods are indicative, interrogative, subjunctive/conditional and imperative.

German imperative mood #learngerman

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Using Second-Person Point of View in Nonfiction: Guidelines and Examples

What Are Some Uses and Examples of the Second-Person Point of View?

ESL Recipe Lesson Plan: Practice the Imperative Mood

ESL Recipe Lesson Plan: Practice the Imperative Mood | Linguistics Girl: Practice the imperative mood with English language learners using a fun ESL recipe lesson plan.

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What Is the Imperative Mood in English?

imperative mood: The <b>imperative</b> "Think small" was an advertising <a href="">slogan</a> for the Volkswagen Beetle in the 1960s.

4 Ways To Avoid the Imperative Mood in Spanish

Here are ways to give commands in Spanish without using the imperative mood.