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#ResearchSpeak: who trumps who; the T-cell or the B or plasma cells? Who is afraid of the big bad wolf? #ResearchSpeak #MSBlog Every now an then a immunology paper grabs my attention. The paper below confirms that CSF levels of a soluble protein sCD27 correlates with MS disease activity and immunoglobulin synthesis within the brain and spinal cord is interesting. I predict this observation is important. For the immunologist reading this post you will recall that CD27 is a member of the…

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Biochemical markers reflecting thyroid function in athyreotic patients on levothyroxine monotherapy. - PubMed - NCBI

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Immunoglobulin Therapy & Other Medical Therapies for Antibody Deficiencies | Immune Deficiency Foundation

Alkaline Water Kills Cancer – This Is How To Prepare It !

Alkaline Water Kills Cancer – This Is How To Prepare It ! - Healthy Food House

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9 Signs Of Hashimoto’s Disease (And How To Treat It)

Hashimoto’s disease an autoimmune condition that involves thyroid dysfunction and triggers an immune response in which antibodies are made that damage thyroid cells, resulting in low thyroid function over time.

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