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No effect of the Thr92Ala polymorphism of deiodinase-2 on thyroid hormone parameters, health-related quality of life and cognitive functioning in a... - PubMed - NCBI

from ALS News Today

Reliable Biomarker for ALS May Be Found in Blood Antibodies

A new study suggests that the presence of antibodies against a protein of the motor neurons may serve as a biomarker for diagnosing ALS.

from The Truth About Cancer

The Blood-Brain Barrier and its Cancer Connection

Read on to learn how a condition known as "Leaky Brain" is tied to inflammation, gut health, and cancer. Article by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers. Click through and read more! // The Truth About Cancer

TECENTRIQ (atezolizumab), a monoclonal antibody, recently got approved by the FDA for certain metastatic lung cancer. It targets the PDL-1 ligand and prevents the coinhibition signal 2 PDL-1 ligand from binding to the PD-1 receptor on the T cell, which allows for more T cell activation to help against the cancer.

Treating Infusion Side Effects -- #1 IVIg side effect (for me) = a Headaches From Hades; but, as the article states: "...patients understand that while the side effects are by no means easy to tolerate, the benefits of their infusions far outweigh the consequences..."