Imi galil

IMI Galil AR. It doesn't get much better. I just wish they weren't so damn heavy!

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Most people choose a pistol or a small cal. rifle when they fire a weapon for the first time... i chose one of these.

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The IMI Galil is a 5.56x45mm assault rifle series based on the AK/Valmet series of assault rifles. It is also produced in slightly modified form by Vektor of South Africa as the R4 family of rifles, Indumil of Colombia and EMEC of Myanmar as the MA-1. Note: make sure of the variant and caliber of the Galil. Often Galil AR and SAR's are simply labeled as Galil ARMs. Identify a Galil by the barrel length and or the existence of a bipod.

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IMI Galil | ... | Штурмовая Винтовка IMI Galil » Оружие

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