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"This mudra or hand sign denotes attachment to the physical realm and to the 'master' of this dimension .... It is a sign of allegiance to Lucifer. Hence the obvious connection to Freemasonry." Also known as the Vulcan sign of Spock~ "Love long and prosper"...


Geoengineering - David Icke Website I truly believe this is true.


ALL mainstream media is in the pocket of the establishment. 15 were HIRED by the WH since 2009. STILL say there is NO MEDIA BIAS?


Adam Levine is the singer of Maroon 5, the group that takes up about 65% of all radio airtime. His released a clothing line and, to promote its "Back to School" collection, this ad was released. As you can see, it is all about One-Eye Illuminati signs being sold to young students whose parents shop at K-Mart.

I havent read this yet, so idk if its a bunch of #rwnj craziness or if theres some truth -- Occult Symbols And Meanings | Illuminati Hand Symbols And Meanings

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Disney é totalmente Illuminati

Ask about illuminati....?? Walt Disney movie with Donald Duck