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Illuminated Manuscript, Doffinnes Hours, Floral Decoration, Walters Manuscript W.185, fol. 172r by Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts, via Flickr

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To the Night and the Cloud by Percy B. Shelley. Gorgeous Illuminated Manuscript by Jessie Bayes.

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William Morris Illustrated Manuscript - The Story of the Dwellers at Eyr - Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery

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Rabbit blowing a horn. Among the marginal creatures populating medieval manuscripts musical animals are fairly common.

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The letter "b" from the late 10th Century, latin vellum manuscript known as 'Evangelia Ottonis'.

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Horae ad usum Briocensem Source: Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des manuscrits, NAL 3194, fol. 116v.

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Creative Doodling with Judy West: Ornate Scrolled Alphabet Distructions

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LASSEDIO DELLA CITTÀ DI TIRO - Folia. Mi niatura tratta dal ‘Romanzo di Alessandro’ - MS. Bodl. 264 (1338-1344), Bodleian Library, Oxford.

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Petrus Lombardus (1095?-1160?). Auteur du texte Date d'édition : 1175-1200 Type : manuscrit Langue : Latin Droits : domaine public Identifiant : ark:/12148/btv1b85410066 Source : Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des manuscrits, Latin 14266 Provenance :

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Border in a medieval manuscript with a mermaid and merman. British Library Royal MS 10 E IV Decretals of Gregory IX with glossa ordinaria (t...

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