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Ikea Clock

Ps pendel

More than just keeping you on time... check out our stylish and well-priced IKEA clocks.

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Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas - use brio type pieces to create a lovely chalk board/blackboard. You could also pad & cover the centre with a 'train' fabric & use as a noticeboard.

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IKEA Clock Hack: Rainbow Button Clock

"We have had the same boring IKEA clock in our kitchen for about 8 years," says Amanda at her blog, Popper & Mimi.  "It was time for an update so I thought I'd take it down and do some hacking."

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This is my new wall clock for my living room with hands that really work. I used black and white photos, black frames from ikea, clock hands from ebay, and a vinyl quote i ordered from a website. It's 36" diameter.

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