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Just because someone is depressed doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re down and sad 24/7 (this isn’t applicable to everyone with depression). They can still have good days, and if something good happens to them, they can still be happy about it. Also, this doesn’t mean that when they’re happy, they’ve gotten over their depression. <----YES


PLEASE READ!!!! I want anyone who has ever said they were "Fine" to like this pin. Because I know how it feels. You keep everything inside and don't tell anyone. And eventually all your emotion builds up and you explode or implode. Either way its fatal. Physically or emotionally. I'm here for anyone who wants to talk. Because you deserve to be honestly fine.

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Abigail Breslin releases debut song aimed at Michael Clifford

it's immature and rude abigail can't find anything actually wrong with mikey so she relies on petty attacks on his appearance which I totally disagree with but is mean regardless


2005, and I listened to that band for the first time with Wake me Up when September Ends, about 3 months late my dad bought me the American Idiot cd record and I loved the WHOLE album, they became my fav band at ten years old, and now I´m 20 and they mean the same to me, even in deeper level <3


The world of Harry Potter is full of intricacies and meaning. Like the amazing author she is, J.K. Rowling left much of the magical world to the imagination of the readers, providing only subtle hints as to the truth. These Tumblr users have put together some theories and scenarios that will change everything you thought about the world of "Harry Potter."


Wtf is wrong with people who don't like Disney oh wait there idiots who are stupid jerks and so are people on iron mans side for Captin America civil war

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15 People That Have Been Living Under A Rock

This like this... They're so hard to read I wonder if I should even repin them.... But I mean.... That pic at the end....


Nat's cussing was something he couldn't stop. "How can you not swear?" He'd ask anybody who scolded him. "I mean, where does all the anger go? I don't think saying 'golly gosh' is really gonna cut it."

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32 Of The Most Beautiful Words In The English Language

From breakthroughs in time reversal, cryopreservation to the discovery of suitable exoplanets 2016's scientific discoveries have the ability to boggle your mind. What's your favourite discovery of 2016 send answers to QuizMe on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, plus check out Science & Nature 25 today on QuizMe -