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Idiocracy Meaning

AltRight means being able to look at this pic and think to yourself, "damn, what…

Trump didn't mean what he said. Again. But...he's who you are voting for because…

Amelia Bedelia Multiple Meaning Words: really great idea for my writing unit. Aligns well with 6+1 traits word choice.

Equal Rights...Despite the Christian Taliban living in America, they have forgotten that American means keep your religion out of my life and laws

The media needs to do their part...but people can't assume that just because a young black man is wearing a hoodie he's a criminal or deserving of DEATH!!!! I mean WTF?!!!! What year is this?!!! What the FU** is wrong with people?!!


Mind control to control your mind..... but why???.... because there is something much more powerful going on.... it's cosmic and therefore unstoppable and YOU are at the centre of it! Ok so let's break it down.... We are on the verge of a quantum leap.... whereby we are moving from limited creatures back to our limitless selves.... These beings do not want this because it means the end of them (for they only exist on this plane - the limited realm) and they are doing everything in their…

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Celebrity dad who had a threesome is now being named on social media

Widely shared: Twitter and Facebook has been flooded with mentions of the pair after their...