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Ida Tarbell was an American journalist whose investigative reporting led to the breakup of the Standard Oil Company’s monopoly. Learn more at

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Allegheny College - Meadville PA: During a fraternity ceremony where a fellow would climb the front terrace of Brooks Hall to meet a girlfriend, one young man fell to his death. The girlfriend, terribly distraught, went to her room and in a fit of hysteria jumped out of the window, killing herself. Her spirit supposedly haunts her old room and furniture has been moved around, pictures fall from the walls, the window opens and the current tenants all are driven to request a housing…

Ida Tarbell | Setting the Standard | "Imagination is the only key to the future. Without it none exists - with all things possible."

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IDA TARBELL (1857 - 1944) The sole woman in Allegheny College's class of 1880, muckraker Ida Tarbell's "History of the Standard Oil Company" exposed John D. Rockefeller's stranglehold on the oil industry and helped usher in the era of trust busting.

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Ida Tarbell's magazine series "The History of the Standard Oil Company," would not only change the history of journalism, but also the fate of Rockefeller's empire, shaken by the powerful pen of its most implacable observer....

Muckrakers (Media) Expose America's Problems

Keywords/Places/People: Magazines and Newspapers Expose Americas social and workplace ills; Muckrakers, Upton Sinclair, The Jungle, Ida Tarbell, J...

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