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Ice Pack For Back

"It hadn't been her brightest moment, bolting with no shoes or coat. Kyrin trilled in her ears, trembling in tune with her shivers, but she could do nothing to comfort him. To turn back meant death for him, and a life of scorn for her. She would not turn back. She would sooner die herself than let the blade take him." (By Silver Leonhart)


First Day of School Activities for Big Kids

Getting to know each of your students in your first days of school is the best way to begin building strong relationships. This is a fun activity to get kids to open up...make sure to share about yourself as well! I

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This Chart Tells You When to Use Ice or Heat for Pain

This Chart Tells You When to Use Ice or Heat for Pain to ensure you get back on your feet as fast as possible.

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It Pops

It Pops Agency: Beatrice Menis Country: Stockholm, Sweden. Cute photography and illu interaction.

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5 Minute Butterscotch Sauce

5 Minute Butterscotch Sauce - Once you make this sauce you'll never go back to store-bought again. It's so good and so easy! |


Diaper ICE Pack 1-any size diaper 2-cut off tabs and right under the back elastic 3-cut a little U at the front of the diaper to open & fill with ice 4-fold end over and tape closed 5- place soft inside on the Painful area When the ice all melted the crystals hold in all the liquid so there is no mess! ☺️

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Back to School: Beginning of the Year Activities Pack

Back to School: Getting to Know You Activities Pack - Nicole Rios -

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Lunchbox Hacks

back to school lunchbox hacks


Sample icebreaker activity from my Back-to-School pack. LINK to item: (127 pages, $)


Best Ice Pack For Total Back Pain: