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The Name Game Activity Ice Cream Scoops Freebie


Cheater Soft-Serve Ice Cream Recipe

You don't have to leave the house to satisfy your craving for soft-serve. Just try this easy technique adapted from The Truck Food Cookbook, by John T. Edge. The trick is mixing store-bought ice cream with whipped cream.


Scoop It Up! Ice Cream Counting/ Cardinality Math Center and Games, Common Core

Scoop It Up! Ice Cream Cone Counting and Cardinality Math Center and Games Summer and Ice Cream themed math center or game. This center includes ice cream cone mats with an numerals on each cone (1-10). Students will identify numerals and add the correct number of ice cream scoops to the top of the ice cream cone. Students will complete extension activities after playing the ice cream game. Ice cream cone flashcards are also included. Each flashcard includes a numeral, number word, and…


Back to school desk name plates {kids and ice-cream colors}

Use these 38 editable desk plates featuring a kids and ice-cream colors theme all year around. Cut and laminate labels for durability.


Directions:Every time students get a fact set correct, they can add a scoop to their ice cream cone. There is a scoop for each fact. You can use the cone as one of the facts or just start with a scoop of ice cream. Once they get so many scoops, you can have an ice cream party to celebrate!Items Included:header card, student name tags, fact tests (3 versions), class recording sheet, cone for student name/fact, fact scoops, answer keys, and versions in black and white and in color.