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In Cold War pictures, how the RAF has always been ready to face Russia

Formation: Javelins of 46 Squadron lined up neatly on the hard surface of RAF Odiham in July 1956. 'Even at the height of the Cold War, the armed forces were not immune to cuts,' Mr Proctor said. 'A number of defence reviews were undertaken during the period'


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The white stag is a familiar creature of myth and legend. The white stag in Celtic myth is an indicator that the Otherworld is near. It appears when one is transgressing or breaking a taboo. It also appears as an impetus to quest--the white stag or hart often appears in the forests around King Arthur's court, sending the knights off on to adventure against gods and fairies.


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from Mail Online

Eerie images from a bygone age: Haunting photographs show New York's Ellis Island before it was transformed into a tourist attraction

This is the morgue in the Ellis Island Isolation Hospital, which occupies the abandoned southern 2/3 of the island.


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