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Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it

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I came into this world alone, I usually stand alone, and most likely I shall leave this world alone.

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This is me now...especially now...after my last relationship with an abusive narcissist. It has made me completely unable to trust...and let you in...ypu have to be a hundred times better than the solitude i now refuse to let go of.

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Sarah you can kick rocks!! I'm fed up with your anger. You are so vulgar and angry and I cannot stand it anymore. If you want to hold a garage go ahead. I'm tired of proving my good to you and you don't see it. Constantly trying to defend myself from attacks from you and your family.

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And Scorpio stands alone. We can not be generally categorized as either of these things. Due to our cognitive abilities, we carefully weigh out our decisions based on what we think the consequences/rewards of our actions will be and whether or not the consequences are worth the risk

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A Real Alpha Will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. Even if it means standing alone.

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