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I Miss You Korean

Common Kpop Words And Phrases. Meaning of: 사랑해 (sa-rang-hae) - I love you. 보고 싶어 (bo-go ship-o) - I miss you. 돌아와 (do-ra-wa) - Come back. 니가 그리워 (ni-ga gu-ri-wo) - I miss you (more poetic). 두근두근 (du-gun-du-gun) - *throbbing* 떠나지 마 (ddeo-na-ji-ma) - Don't leave. 눈물이 자꾸 나 (nun-mul-i ja-kku-na) - Tears keep flowing. 미안해 (mi-an-hae) - Sorry. 외로워 (woe-ro-wo) - (I'm) Lonely. 마음이 아파 (ma-eum-i appa)- (I'm) heartbroken. 슬퍼 (seul-peo) - (I'm) sad. 하지 마 (ha-ji-ma) - Don't do it. 심장 (shim-jang) - Heart…


Impress your Korean boyfriend or girlfriend with your language skills using these 7 phrases!


"Chicken..." "That's not my style" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I miss you so much Kris. But you will always be in EXO's heart and in your fans. We are supporting you with all we have. Saranghae Oppa.

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While KaiSoo share a very loving relationship, ChanSoo is a very violent, errr, I mean passionate one.