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Beautiful Irish Redheads (29 Photos)

Hello. I'm Artemis Pickett and I'm 19 years old from the province Columbia. I'm also an eight. Yes, I know that's a very low number, but I am hoping that my caste won't matter in this competition. I've been very humbled throughout my life and I love to be outdoors. The sunshine on my face is my favorite feeling in the world. I also like to paint and doodle. I am a peacemaker, and I hope to make friends throughout this competition even though I know some girls are only here for the prince…

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“BRAVE. Brought @chelseamcm natural ginger color back to life with this beautiful, vibrant copper from @schwarzkopfpro Formula on natural level 7. Used…”

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24 Stunning Ways to Wear Flowers in Your Hair on Your Wedding Day

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Like a hipster, I loved redheads before it was cool (38 Photos)

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Character inspiration: girl, brown curly hair, brown eyes, freckles Eddie Fretter

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How to Be a Better Blogger in 2017

10 Kinds of Bangs and Ways To Wear Them

I love these long bangs parted in the middle and also this strawberry blonde color gorgeous on fair skin:)

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Lily Evans, Ginny Weasley, Lily Potter :) so darling. I love how Harry's mom was red head. it's like a sign that Harry was going to end up with Ginny.

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My name is Aelexina Maårinthēas and I an an Aries. I am impulsive and kind, quick to anger and quick to forgive. I hate to be restrained and I love to live in the moment, no matter the later consequences. I'm 19 years old.

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