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i feel empty yet so full of emotion like the smallest thing could push me over the edge what do you do when there’s nothing but pain left inside you and what if everythin we were looking for only existed in our dreams how do you explain something you don’t even understand yourself

Quote on mental health stigma - I feel like I can't open up to my friends about my anxiety and depression, because they'll think I just want attention.

I feel this way a lot but I always know that God is there just waiting for me to talk to him. He has my answers

Right now I'm just fricking depressed, but all of last week, I just felt empty. Not sad, but hollow. Like I had nothing. Like there was nothing inside me. Like she had taken a knife and chiseled out my soul.

I'm so tired of being me. Yes, many days this is how I feel.

at night, i used to lay in my bed crying. now, i just lay there with a blank expression on my face. i never thought i'd get used to feeling this way but i did

This is quite possibly one of the worst feelings. Feeling empty...depleted..emotionally exhausted. Will anyone ever get me? Will there ever be a love that will be unconditional? The answer unknown. And so we wait..just, myself & I.

Maybe we feel empty because we leave pieces of us in everything we used to love.

It felt like you threw me do far from myself I've been trying to find my way back to something you completely destroyed and no longer exists... limping along in pain through an empty void.