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I Am Really Sorry

from Erika Rax

Checking In

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Sep 2 Baby Essentials, Extras & Useless Crap

When you are pregnant for the first time, there is an overwhelming list of endless products that you simply ‘must have’ if you are to survive parenthood.  Some of these are really essential, but many are at best personal preference, and at worst just clever marketing ploys.  Second time around I’m treating myself to a few extras that I didn’t have last time, that I wish I had – and like the true hoarder I am (sorry dear husband), I’ve kept everything from the first time anyway, so our…

My response: Number 1: ARE YOU FRICKIN BLIND?!?!!! Number 2: you have until I count to five to get your sorry shuck face away from me before I before i turn into a crazy girl ninja and beat you to a pulp, slinthead! #gladerslang #iminsane


Sorry // Justin Bieber...I really don't like Justin or his music in general, but his latest songs are good.


Pink Boho necklace I wanted you to see a pic of the damage. I found a spot when I was packaging you necklace last night and tried to remove it. It left the spot and a discoloration. I am really sorry for the the inconvenience. I just would not want to send you a damaged necklace. Jewelry

GUESS WHO JUST GOT TICKETS FOR THEIR TOUR NEXT YEAR!!?? I'm so excited, and my mind is freaking out right now!!! Who else is going to one of the concerts?? :)