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10 ways to get in your Vortex plus free printable

This is a free printable from of 10 Mantras for I AM. I am, I am strong, I am willing, I am love, I am accepting, I am a miracle, I am enough, I am abundant, I am happy, I am confident, I am all I need.

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i am who i am. i like what i like. i love what i love. i do what i want. get off my back and deal with it. it's my life, not yours

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Funny, just talked to a friend tonight who brought this subject up. Yes , I am happy life is great (you say that and people look at u funny)

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I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness Limited edition, order now!

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I am so happy and grateful now that ... I am a 'Fountain' to those around me and myself - A source of energy, ideas, positivity and abundance. | May 2014 Affirmation of the Month | #bobproctor #abundance

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