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I Am Different

This is so true.I was in a major car accident about 5 years ago.Before the accident I was always an go go go type of person.I really never thought about anybody else or what I might be missing.Now I am disabled and I look at life in a different perspective.I have found God and Jesus Christ as my savior.I love to help people in any way I can.Yes I live with pain everyday but now I know what I have been missing.I have forgiven the drunk driver and I thank God for changing my life.Life is…


Adjust to the situation at hand. If you are lost, following the person in front of you is not the best way to get to your destination.


My mouth I think I've mastered, my face however....that's a different story.


What I enjoy most is not finding the dots, but the actual connecting of them. Humble is knowing I might have missed a dot, so I am just like you. What makes me different is, I love the search for dots. Even with two dots I can draw a line, with enough one can understand the pattern of life.


You have said similar things to me .... yes they are true , I AM different now

Learn from the lessons you walk through in life. Don't crumble and wilt in a corner. Grow from the wisdom of your lessons and become vast and brilliant. Never accept any one's definition of who you are!


I am a huge fan of using different textures for my projects and my latest order got me very very excited ! The Annual catalogue/brochure p...

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Some days are harder than others... If I wanted to wallow around in a gutter I would have made different choices, just so happens I'm just not a "gutter" kind of woman... It's good to be me...