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DON’T ask me how I'm doing Don't ask if I’m okay Don't say they're in a better place, as you won't like what I say NO .. Time is not a healer and this was NOT Gods will, If He knew how much I’ve really lost, they would be right here still. I WON’T try to be positive And this wasn't for the best My hearts in broken pieces And it hurts deep in my chest. Don't say, at least they're out of pain Well I'm not, and MAY NEVER be. Their pain is gone, but mines still here It's been passed on to me…

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"Why is it I'm always there for everyone else, but when i need someone everyone's too busy?"

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I keep hitting the escape button but I’m still here

A inch tall by 24 inch wide inch thick carved wood sign. The back of the sign has keyholes for easy hanging.

When I say ...I understand baby.I`m always here,sometimes I have no internet like in the car or access to the laptop like now at the friends place but I`m always here so you can hold to me where you are not ok .

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