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My two faced friends/relatives, all their hypocritical double-standards, the phoniness they are compelled to live, and their lying. Don't need that in my life, so good riddance.

from trillingmamma

Provocerande inlägg framkallar patetiska människor

Does your husband or his friends and family call you a liar and a cheater? Or just a hypocrite. Your mirror lies to you too. Is it nice there in your little corner of delusion and self-righteousness?

from Birthday Wishes Expert

Famous Quotes on Images (Part 6

“A friend to all is a friend to none.” ― Aristotle. Click on this image to see the biggest collection of famous quotes on the net!


Wow. You think someone cares, and then you realize what a mean, selfish, backstabbing person they are. And apparently hypocritical......all the times I was there for her and then she's going to turn around and #1 be nasty and cruel about being there for me and #2 be a hypocrite since I gave WAY more in the friendship than she did. Amazing.


I think it is funny that people who treat you like shit get offended when you finally start to do the same to them.