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Hypochromic Anemia


Causes of Microcytic Hypochromic Anemia

Causes of Microcytic Hypocromic Anemia in Men

Types of microcytic, hypochromic anemia... Iron deficiency will have a high RDW…

Target cells. Red cells with thin membrane, peripheral rim of hemo- globin (Hb), and dark, central, Hb-containing area. They are frequently seen in Hb C disease, in hypochromic anemia, and in liver disease


July 21, 2013: Benjamin Syndrome is a type of multiple congenital anomaly/mental retardation (MCA/MR) syndrome. It is characterized by hypochromic anemia with mental deficiency and various craniofacial and other anomalies. It can also include heart murmur, dental caries and splenic tumors. Symptoms include megalocephaly, external ear deformities, dental caries, micromelia, hypoplastic bone deformities, hypogonadism, hypochromic anemia with occasional tumors, and mental retardation.