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Types of microcytic, hypochromic anemia... Iron deficiency will have a high RDW with low ferritin... Thalassemia's will have normal RDW and elevated ferritin (due to RBC turnover)... after thalassemia is suspected, electrophoresis should be done to distinguish alpha (normal) from beta (elevated HbA2 levels)

History using on low iron.

ASCOFER x 50 dragees, iron deficiency, anemia treatment, ferrous gluconate, iron gluconate

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What are the causes of microcytic hypochromic anemia? (Arabic) أنيميا ن...

Low iron.

Sideroblastic anemia. Presence of anemia + ringed sideroblasts. Hypochromic, BIMODAL RBC population. +/- Pappenheimer bodies (iron). Increased iron stores in BM. All iron studies are elevated (but distinguish from hemochromocytosis because SA has low hgb and low MCV). CAUSES: ACQUIRED = RARS, meds, alcohol, Pearson syndrome and low copper. VAST MAJORITY HAVE CLONAL DEFECT. MACROCYTIC. >15% RS. INHERITED = rare, X-linked. ALAS2 gene. MICROCYTIC. Can try giving a ton of B6.

[REFRACTORY ANEMIA WITH RINGED SIDEROBLASTS, BLOOD SMEAR]. Another example of abnormal red cell morphology seen in patients with MDS-RARS is shown. Note the presence of megaloblasts (arrowhead) and tear-drop cells (arrow) admixed with normal red cells. A few acanthocytes and hypochromic-microcytic red cells are also seen.

Hipocromia / Hypochromic anemia

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