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The hyperhidrosis surgery is aimed to help you get rid of the excessive.


First book about hyperhidrosis in Indonesia. Written by Naz Kamal, a sufferer of palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis. He had an ETS surgery back in 2005 at Frimley hospital, Surrey, UK. Got a compensatory sweatings at chest, lower back and recently found out also triggering Miniere's disease.

This week our very own, Dr. Carolyn Jacob and Dr. Rachel Pritzker, will be attending the 2016 American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery(ASLMS) conference in Boston! Dr. Jacob will be speaking about Hyperhidrosis at the largest conference on laser and technologies for medicine held in the United States. #ASLMS #CCSD #ChicagoDermatology #Chicago #DrJacob #DrPritzker

Hyperhidrosis Surgery is a highly effective, minimally invasive procedure. This process is performed under general anesthesia it involves the cutting down of sympathetic nerves to prevent excessive sweating.