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Hydrox Cookies Are Back!

Kellogg's the parent company of Sunshine brought back the Hydrox cookie for a limited time in 2008 due to customer demand. Supposedly if they sold well they would continue to make them.


Hydrox cookies bake plans for comeback

Hydrox cookies making a comeback - I am so excited about this. I started a search for Hydrox a few years back and was so sad that they weren't being made anymore. And for all the naysayers - they were first, four years before those other cookies.

Sunshine Biscuits Inc Vintage Hydrox Cookie (1949). It looks like Hydrox cookies will be making a comeback.

Original Cookie: The Carvel ice-cream franchise still sells ice-cream goods manufactured with "Hydrox" cookie crumbs. Carvel used the cookies' all-kosher status as a selling point as the original Oreo recipe used lard. The cookies are not specifically mentioned by name on the Carvel website, but they are identified as hydrox (lower-case 'h') on the in-store posters

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Hydrox cookies actually came out before technically Oreos are the knockoff!