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This is a general idea -- I'd like seven dragons intertwined together, sort of like a circular mandala. These dragons are in a special arrangement that is my world's equivalent of the Ark of the Covenant, the depiction of the ultimate deities who created the world, will destroy it, and will perfect it

from Legend of the Cryptids Wiki

(White) Alabaster Plumed Dragon

Dragon's 3 heads represent past, present, and future


Balaur (Romanian) - A feral hydra breed that is probably the result of a hydra mating with a dragon. They are much more powerful than normal hydra's. When you cut off a head of this creature two more powerful heads grow back instead, but they are extremely fragile to fire attacks.


Green Dragon, Brett MacDonald on ArtStation at

from Castle Age Wiki

Sea Serpent

This sea monster has a head like an oranckl and a body like a gibdju. The best part of this picture, though, is that it demonstrates the size of these monsters.